Sean Spicer Fails to Save Face at Press Briefing

During a briefing Thursday, United States Press Secretary Sean Spicer reportedly forgot to wear his face while yelling at the American people over live TV. Spicer, explaining Donald Trump’s recent, controversial executive order, spent several minutes roaring at the camera seemingly unaware of the fact that his mechanical T-101 faceplate was clearly visible.

Viewers of the briefing noted that Spicer’s eyes shined like flaming coals, and steam occasionally erupted from pneumatic pistons controlling his jaws. As soon as Spicer finished ranting about the mainstream media and denying the numerous protests across the country, viewers witnessed the demonic glow of his eyes suddenly increase in intensity before shooting a laser at the camera.

Not long after the end of the briefing, a tweet from @WhiteHouseGov stated that “Mr. Spicer is having technical difficulties and will not be attending future briefings.”

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