Sexy Susky Halloween Costumes

We hope you got liberal this Halloweekend with these River Hawk inspired outfits, and your professors begged you to sleep with them in exchange for higher course evaluation marks.

Sexy Tour Guide

Strap on an orange polo crop top and khaki booty shorts, and take that hot tamale high school senior and his even spicier dad on a tour of your private campus.

Sexy Public Safety Officer

Upgrade your slutty cop costume by downgrading your law enforcement powers, professional qualifications, and popular perception.

Sexy John Green

It’s just a bowtie.

Sexy Gingko Berry

Unleash your natural stench and inner earth goddess by adorning yourself in the ripe, radiant fruits of luscious Kurtz Lane.

Sexy Series of Swastikas

Antisemitism isn’t just SU’s hottest gossip, but the spooky season’s hottest look. Concentrate your gal pals for this slutty group ensemble straight from the Third Reich. Feeling bold and flirty? Increase religious and sexual tension by letting your guy friends in on the gag as Sexy Gestapo—ooh those Aryan asses!

No matter what sexy costume you pick this Halloween, remember to objectify your body with confidence and you’ll always look better than your roommate.

Try any of these bold ideas? Send us pics of your Sexy GO Pole Dancer or Sexy Suitcase Sal to be featured in our next article!

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