SU Fraternity Holds Charity Anti-Hazing Kegger

Members of Susquehanna University’s Kappa Epsilon Gamma chapter held an 18th Street charity kegger on Friday, Feb. 1 to raise money in support of National Hazing Prevention Week.

Events of the night included case races, a doubles beer pong tournament, and a Keg-Stand Against Hazing competition. Cover was $5 or a donation of alcohol for the party. Food included light snacks and heavy refreshments.

As the event coincided with Alcohol Awareness Week, partygoers were shown a powerpoint on how to self-induce vomiting and given a practical demonstration on what to do when your buddy falls down the stairs. Following the educational portion of the party, Kappa Epsilon Gamma president Richard Pickins issued a public statement condemning hazing on Susquehanna’s campus. “Listen guys. Hazing is, like, not cool. We all know about it —it’s happened to me, it’s happened to you. We can’t let people see us as those guys who shoot off fireworks in each others buttholes anymore.”

Before closing in preparation for the afterparty, Kappa Epsilon Gamma members signed an anti-hazing pact. A resigning of the pact was then scheduled for the following Monday due to a lack of legible signatures.

Not everyone was thrilled with the change. Junior Jimothy McRogers said: “I’m super sad to see our traditions go. Beer just isn’t nearly as fun when you can’t drink it out of a dirty cleat. Hangovers just won’t be the same.”

Others, such as two-time sophomore Edward “Slim” Arlington, held a more optimistic view of the future. “This is the perfect opportunity for K-Ep Gam to turn over a new leaf. Just cause we can’t haze people in public anymore doesn’t mean the tradition will completely go away.”

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