From the SU President’s Office: Misconceptions on Campus

When you’re seen as a “minority” on a small campus, it can feel like you’re being pigeonholed into one category by everyone around you. Everyone sees you as just one thing – but aren’t you more than that?

With previous events tackling the intersections of gender, sexuality and race, we are proud to announce a new diversity initiative aimed at destroying preconceptions about a certain demographic on campus: rapists.

When you think of rapists, what comes to mind? A straight white man? Contrary to popular belief, anyone can be a rapist: not just the most privileged and entitled groups on campus.

Likewise, you were probably raised to think of rapists as a stranger on a street late at night – when in actuality, it’s more likely to be someone you know.

Rapists have been unfairly characterized by the media, and we’re here to change that image: rapists can be of any gender, sexuality or race. Rapists can be involved in athletics or the arts, and anything else they set their minds to. The rapists of today can be the leaders of tomorrow. Because at Susquehanna, we’re dedicated to making sure that rapists succeed, too.

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