SU Finally Finds New Token Black Guy After... Well... You Know...

You may notice something different about the university-sponsored advertising around campus. That’s right, that splash of color isn’t just a printer error, SU finally found a new token black guy to put on everything!

We’ve been without much superficial population-appropriate representation on university publications ever since…well…we’re not supposed to talk about it. You know that one group of individuals? The Greek organizations ones with their roots in that pre-Roman, Mediterranean society acknowledged as the foundation of Western culture and thought? Well, one specific part of that one group would get pretty upset if we talked openly about the thing the alleged thing that may or may not have been done by the person who may or may not have been SU’s last token minority model.

But hey, it’s in the past! And as everyone as SU knows, the past never actually happened. Anything you may think you do or do not remember about certain very popular and very likable individuals committing unsavory acts – things that such a nice guy couldn’t have done, because, well, everybody loves him – should be immediately forgotten.

Instead, let us look forward to the future. Our bright, roughly ten percent black future, with a million pictures of our new, one, photogenic, hot, black guy.

*This document has been edited and approved by the SU Office of Leadership and Engagement

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