3 Keto Recipe Ideas to Try this Spring


As we’re gearing up for hot squirrel summer and shaking off the winter quarantine blues, I have some recipes to share with you aspiring ketonians that are guaranteed to shape y’all into the type of bitch that didn’t spend 2020 lying in a pool of hot cheeto scented sadness on your couch. Curb your diet towards the consumption of these bad boys and in no time you’ll find yourself in sweet, sweet ketosis.

The first recommended recipe is a great step in the right direction: baked avocado. I don’t really have any ingredients for you, or actually a recipe at all to share (my bad), but I’m sure you can figure it out. I just kind of mash avocados guts and cheese into an avocado shell and bake it. When I started keto, this is all I ate for weeks! Haha! I know what y’all are thinking… what the fuck! But you’re wrong. It tastes even better than a baked potato but without all of the nasty carbs and sugars at just 689 calories! What a steal.

Next is Easy Keto Low-Carb Bacon Cheeseburger Casserole. This shit’s packed with as much cheddar cheese, heavy cream, and ground beef as your little heart desires. It’s rich and oily… better than sex. Better than taking your mask off after a long day even. I wish I could rub it all over my body, just squish it between my fingers and throw it at the wall. My husband loves it.

Finally is sour cream and peanut butter. I can’t really explain this one. Sweet, sweet ketosis has its grip on me. I’ve been in this trance, and skinny, for months. That tangy, tart taste that creams all over my tongue. MMM. Paired with that salty yet sweet, nutty and earthy peanut butter taste… GOD. I could just grab that shit with my hands and bathe in its smooth, creamy goodness. I’m a dirty little ketonian, yes that’s what I am. Fuck.

Stay snatched girlies, and let me know how your recipes turn out!

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